Equine Photography- bedding


This is a follow up article to one we had done previously about basic horse care. Back by popular demand, we have put together some tips about proper bedding for your horse.  This guide is meant to help you take care of your horse, and thus, help you in your hobby of equine photography!  Taking care of another living thing is a huge responsibility, and you need to ensure your horse is happy and healthy. So make sure you take note of our advice, and your horse will be very grateful.

For a horse kept in a barn or a stable, proper bedding is a must! This is vital to healthy horse. They should not stand on hard floor all day, and will lie down either just to rest their legs, or to actually sleep. Straw is the most popular choice because it is inexpensive, warm, and comfortable. However, this can be bad because straw can contain fungal spores, which can be very dangerous, and lead to mushroom growth. Horses are also known to occasionally eat their straw bedding.

One alternative to the aforementioned straw bedding is dust-free wood shavings. This is a good alternative because it is clean and hygienic. You can also use hemp, which has become much more popular in recent years. To provide a soft resting and standing surface you can put down some rubber matting, but there should definitely be a layer of straw or wood shavings on top of it. This is important to providing warmth; you wouldn’t want to be out in the cold all night, and neither does your horse!

In conclusion, you just want to make sure that your horse is comfortable. A comfortable horse is definitely a happy horse, which will come across in the photos you take. Equine photography relies very heavily on your subject, and to make sure the photo looks great, your horse needs to be happy. So, take care of your equine friend, and they will take care of you!


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