Equine Photography- basic care part 2


A clean horse is a happy horse, and in the fine art of equine photography a happy horse is vital. The horse’s mood definitely gets communicated in the photo, and to make sure your equine photography is actually good, you need to keep that horse content! To help you do that, we have put together this basic guide to cleaning your horse’s stable, and its coat.

The stable needs to be cleaned out (also known as “mucked out”) at least once a day. If your horse is in the stable all day, it rises to at least three times per day. To muck out the stable, you are removing the horse droppings with a shovel and wheelbarrow. You will also be leveling the horse’s bedding, to make sure that it is clean and comfortable.

After removing the droppings, separate the soiled bedding from the bedding material that is still clean. Once you’ve done this, sweep, and then clean the floor with a stable disinfectant. After the floor is dried up, return the clean bedding to the place it normally is, and then add fresh bedding material to replace the soiled bedding material you removed previously.

Finally, if your horse is stabled either all or most of the day, it will require grooming daily to keep its coat healthy. However, you can over groom a horse, especially if it spends most or all of its day in the pasture. The natural oils in its fur help to keep the horse warm and dry; grooming it too much removes these natural and important oils. Over grooming will also impact the quality of your equine photography, so make sure you’re careful!

Equine photography requires your subject to look good. Taking proper care of its stable and coat are easy ways to ensure your horse is clean and happy, as well as preventing possible illness.


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