An intro to equine photography


Many people who love horses, also love to have pictures of horses. Maybe it’s their champion racing horse, or maybe it’s just a beloved family pet at the farm. Whatever your reason is, equine photography is for you! In this introduction to equine photography, we will take a look at some tips and tricks to help you get into this wonderful hobby.

To ensure your photo of your equestrian friend looks real, we suggest using a standard width lens. Using a wide angle lens can distort the look, making the head look overly large, and the body looking much smaller than it should. Without proper proportions, the horse will look very strange, ruining your photograph.

Experiment with standing and kneeling. Equine photography can look very different depending on what is happening in it, so varied angles can emphasize whatever you want in the photo, be it a wagon in the background or showing the power from the high front leg action.

Know when to take the photo. Without proper timing, you won’t get the proper frame. The horse and rider will be too small, or they’ll be too big and take up too much of the photo, so you can’t see everything. To fix this, try getting the proper framing and marking the spot before the actual action, so you know exactly when to hit the button and take the picture.

The final tip to equine photography is to make sure the horse’s ears are standing at their zenith. To make sure this happens, try getting someone to stand behind you with an object the horse is not completely familiar with. This can be as simple as taking a household feather duster and having your assistant waving it around behind you. The horse will be alert because of it, and have their ears fully at attention.

That’s a cursory introduction to equine photography. We hope you will have great success, and take excellent pictures of your beloved horse using the tips that we gave you!

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