Equine Photography- bedding


This is a follow up article to one we had done previously about basic horse care. Back by popular demand, we have put together some tips about proper bedding for your horse.  This guide is meant to help you take care of your horse, and thus, help you in your hobby of equine photography!  Taking […]

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Pasture for your horse


To really excel at equine photography, the horse itself needs to be beautiful. To help you make sure that is the case, we have prepared a basic guide to taking care of your horse’s pasture, essential to taking on the responsibility that is another living creature. This is also important because horses are companionable animals, […]

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An intro to equine photography


Many people who love horses, also love to have pictures of horses. Maybe it’s their champion racing horse, or maybe it’s just a beloved family pet at the farm. Whatever your reason is, equine photography is for you! In this introduction to equine photography, we will take a look at some tips and tricks to […]

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